GBWhatsapp Tips & Tricks – Become a Power User

GBWhatsapp is a mod for WhatsApp that takes the chatting app’s performances to the next level. The way that GBWhatsapp does this is by introducing a plethora of cool features that WhatsApp fans have been asking for a long time. Since GBWhatsapp comes with so many cool features, the large majority of users don’t even know about them all. Well, here is where we come in because today we are going to present the top three tricks and tips that will turn any regular GBWhatsapp fan into a power user.

Become a Power User

  • How to Hide a Contact

Is there someone who you are talking that you want to be kept a secret? Fortunately, GBWhatsapp comes with a special feature that makes it possible for users to hide specific contacts so that they can’t be spotted by anyone else. This feature can be enabled by following the next steps: Tap and hold the contact that you wish to hide, tap on the three dot menu, tap on hide, input your personal unlock pattern, set a recovery question and the contact is now going to be hidden.

  • How to Copy or Download Statuses

One of the coolest features that GBWhatsapp brings to WhatsApp is the ability to download or copy status messages. To make things even better, this feature is fairly simple to use and all that users have to do is to head over to the status tab, open the status, tap on the three dot menu and then select the copy or download option.

  • How to Hide Your Online Status

If you ever wanted to use WhatsApp incognito, then you should be pleased to know that GBWhatsapp has a solution for this. Just head over to the chat tab, tap on the three dot menu, access privacy and then enable the Hide Online Status option.

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