New Google Play Services 15.0.90 APK Update Was Released Today

Even though Google Play Services is one of the most important features that the Android operating system has to offer, the large majority of Android users have no idea what it does. Not just that, but there are some reports which show that Android users have deleted Google Play Services from their smartphones in order free up some internal storage space and then they were left wondering to why all apps stop working. Although, no one can blame Android users for not knowing what Google Play Services does since this is a background app.

The Importance of Google Play Services

There are lots of things that Google Play Services does, but if we had to sum it all up in a single sentence, then it would have to be the fact that Google Play Services is used to store private information such as passwords and to automatically update native Android and third-party apps. With that said, no one should be shocked to find out that the Android parent is updating Google Play Services every other week.

Google Play Services 15.0.90 APK

Android users should be happy to know that Google has just released a brand-new update for Google Play Services. The update has been released today (February 11) and it ships with a bunch of software improvements that help Google Play Services run faster than it ever did.

Since this is an APK (android package kit) update that we are talking about, Android users should know that they are required to manually download and install the update on their smartphones. The update is available on Google’s official APK website. However, we do need to mention that Google is also going to release the update OTA (over the air). Unfortunately, we don’t know when this is going to happen and it might take more than one week.

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