Minecraft: Pocket Edition – A New Update for Its Master Mod Is Here

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is already eight years old, but despite of that, a large number of users are still enjoying this great mobile game. This is just a proof that mind-blowing graphics is definitely not the only key to success when it comes to games. The developers of this popular game have managed to keep the existing players engaged and attract new ones by simply creating a fun and complex gameplay. That’s one of the reasons why so many years after its release date, in April 2011, the game continues to be played by lots of people.

But that’s not all. One of the main reasons why the Minecraft: Pocket Edition has remained popular amongst its fans for such a long period of time is due to its third-party mods. Now, a new update is available for one of the most popular mods for the game.

Master for Minecraft: Pocket Edition – Mod Launcher 2.1.91 APK update is now available

Those who play this fun mobile game know very well that Master for Minecraft is one of the most popular mods for it. This mod gives players all kinds of interesting features, such as new characters, maps, tools, items and others things. We’ve just found out that the developers of this mod have just released a new update for it, version number 2.1.91, which is great news for all fans out there.

The latest update of the Master mod for Minecraft: Pocket Edition is already available for downloading. However, remember that you cannot get it through the Google Play Store, as it is being released as an APK. Therefore, fans will need to manually download and install the new version on their Android devices. The size of the new update is 24.54 MB.

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