Google Pixel 4 To Come With Improved Dual SIM Functionality

When Google decided to try out its abilities and become a phone manufacturer, everyone loved the results. Now users are preparing for the fourth Google Pixel mode. The new devices are expected to come out in October, and while it’s a long way to go, it appears that we might already have some information about them.

For example, we already know that Google is preparing some Lite versions for its Google Pixel 3 smartphones. According to reports, the two phones should come out in 2019 and they should use Verizon.

Google Pixel 4

The Google Pixel 4 is also expected to come out this year. We do know that the phone will be running Android Q out of the box, which isn’t exactly a surprise. However, that is the only information we knew for certain about the Pixel 4 devices.

Now it has been reported that the smartphones might come with dual SIM functionality. If we take a look at the previous models, we can see that Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 3 come with an eSIM, as well as a regular SIM slot.

If we take a look at some commits that were submitted to the AOSP Gerrit, it appears that Google is coming up with a new system property value for the dual SIM mode in Android Q. According to the commits, this should “differentiate devices that support enablement of dual SIM mode from those that don’t, even if they have two or more SIM cards.”

The value true will be returned if “the usage of multiple SIM cards at the same time to register on the network (e.g. Dual Standby or Dual Active) is supported by the device and by the carrier.” Therefore, in 2019 we might receive Google Pixel 4 with a SIM system similar to the one of the last iPhones.

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