Fortnite Mobile Needed Less Than a Year to Record $500M of Revenue On iOS

According to Sensor Tower, a market intelligence company, Fortnite Mobile managed to reach $500 million in revenue on iOS in less than a year.

Half a billion dollars in 326 days

The game, launched on the 15th March 2018, needed just 326 days to break the barrier of half a billion dollars. Thanks to this achievement, Fortnite Mobile surpassed some of the most popular titles, such as Clash Royale (389 days) and Honor of Kings (405 days). Sensor Tower calculated that the game was bringing $1.53 million per day on average. A big part of the revenue came from the U.S., accounting for 64% of the total amount of $500 million.

Apple earned some $150 million

In their report, Sensor Tower explained that “Apple has claimed approximately $150 million of this by way of its 30% platform fee on in-app purchases, with the other $350 million going to Epic Games. While the half a billion in gross revenue doesn’t factor in the more than $100 million we estimate Android players have spent since the game launched on that platform, Epic Games is retaining 100% of that sum via its decision to bypass Google Play – much to the Alphabet subsidiary’s chagrin.”

Fortnite needed 200 days to earn $300 million

Back in October, Sensor Tower reported that Fortnite Mobile recorded $300 million in sales on iOS in just 200 days. Compared to the achievements of other titles, such as PUBG Mobile’s $47 million in 175 days, Fortnite’s numbers are really impressive. U.S. players were also the major contributor at that time, being responsible for 65% of the total revenue of $300 million. The last week of September alone brought some $20 million, with fans being attracted by the launch of Fortnite’s sixth season.

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