Dr. Cares Complete Guide To Level With The Highest Score

Save time by preselecting items

In order to complete a level with the highest score, you will need to answer to the patient’s needs that consist of a service or item and are shown in a bubble over their heads, as quickly as possible. You do not need to drag it, but to selected and it will be kept as held, but keep in mind that depending on the level you will have a limit of three simultaneously held items.

Enjoying the view is not an option so do not slow down

Just tap on the stall the patient is in or on themselves once you have the requested item. The client will make the payment via the desk after they receive it. It is important to move fast, so you keep your patients happy and your day pleasant.

Proper planning is proved in the stars

Plan according to the number of actions you need to make for a customer, so they receive what they need. So you do not lose points from unhappy clients when you have two of them waiting, and one wants an object, and one wants a service, offer the item first so while you do the service the first one can proceed with the payment.

Do not leave the space dirty

After an animal leaves, you will need to clean the stall that they were in, but you do not need to worry as another character will help you do that. When the cabinet is less full, you should make sure that it is clean, so patients are happy.

You are timed during tasks

The mini-games you come upon have clear guides and goals and are not hard to play. The first time you get into one, you will have a tutorial, but afterwards, the secret stays in the speed. Keep practicing, and you will get the deal of it.

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