Google Play Store vs. Apple App Store – Video and Image Gallery Comparison

When a user accessed either Apple’s App Store or Google Play they do it for the same reason, to install an app, the elements you find there do not really differ, those being image gallery, an icon, reviews, descriptions, and sometimes a video.

However, some of these elements might be displayed in different layouts, so it is important to compare them.

We provided below three elements that you need to choose from when it comes to these two App stores:


Even though in Google Play the Exploration is overall lower, interacting with your video is 20% more likely to happen when it comes to visitors. You should understand what your most compelling elements are by testing out your video making sure that users would be willing to install the app you present. Even though on Google Play users are more likely to tap on the video, on iOS they are 30% more likely to also finish it due to the length restriction of 15-30 seconds.

Image Gallery

The most important element on the page in iOS is your image gallery. Your image gallery will be interacted with by almost all Exploring Visitors, of course, in some capacity. When it comes to Google Play, visitors do not really enjoy going through images. Actually, they are 27% less likely to.


In the end, visitors also take a look at the description. Those from Google Play are two times more likely to click on “Read More” and those searching the App Store. This difference is due to the layout as Android users see the Description above the image gallery while in App Store it is below. Design plays a crucial effect on what App Store visitors choose to do, and it can predict what they might do.

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