Xbox Two Scarlett – How Will The Next Generation Console Amaze Us

Video game enthusiasts have plenty of reasons to be excited as a new generation of consoles is on its way. The Xbox Two will be the next console launched by Microsoft, and we are expecting plenty of improvements. If you cannot wait to find out more about it, we got you covered. Recently some leaks made certain details available. Let’s check them out


Apparently, a Xbox Two leak was found on Reddit by PCGamesN. The source for this leak isn’t very clear, but many seem to believe that the information is legit. It is believed that the leak is related to the Xbox Scarlett.

The leak does share some details about the console. The image reveals that the next Xbox console could come with a discrete graphics chip. Therefore, the console would have the CPU separate from graphics. This is very unusual for a console, and it is something that we used to see in gaming PCs. It would mean that the graphics capabilities of the Xbox Scarlett would be similar to the ones of a PC.

If that turns out to be true, then we can expect a major price rise for the next Microsoft console. It remains to see if the Xbox Scarlett will actually bring these changes or not.

Is it legit?

Reddit user AmericanCakes shared the image with the others. According to the user, the picture was found on the PlayStation 5 subreddit, as well as the Xbox One subreddit. A message was sent to the original poster of the image, and it remains to see whether there will be a response. If he or she won’t answer, it’s safe to say that the information is fake.

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