Elder Scrolls Online Version – What you Should Keep in Mind

The Elder Scrolls: Online has gotten its good reputation starting with 2018, and it continues to improve it day by day beginning with this year, mainly thanks to the upcoming Elsweyr DLC and the launch of the year-long Season of the Dragon. Actually, ZeniMax Online Studios wants to celebrate the award success of the game towards the end of the year, so they have decided to give players a reward which is free Elder Scrolls: Online Crowns, the in-game currency.

Players receive free Elder Scrolls: Online Crowns from ZeniMax Online Studios.

The company explained that they were thrilled to see that their game received a host of awards for 2018, so they want to offer their community a small gift to show their appreciation for their amazingness.

ZeniMax Online Studios mentioned the reason of the celebration which consists in the four awards which were won by their game: both awards as the Best MMO award (for the third year in a row), in the MMORPG.com Player’s Choice 2018 Awards, and the Most Improved MMO award alongside the Game Informer Reader’s Choice 2018 award for the second year in a row and the Massively Best MMO Update or Expansion of 2018 award.

The loyal fans of the studio are very appreciated, so it is time for them to receive a reward. Each player will get 500 in-game Crowns. Beginning with 11th of February all PC/Mac players will get their reward followed on 13th of February by Xbox One and PS4 players. Only qualified players get this reward so make sure that since 1st of January 2017 you have logged in to the game at some point. As the reason why players will receive their prize is loyalty, having logged into the game in that period is essential.

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