TubeMate Video Downloader Is Not In Google Play Store – So, Is It Safe To Use?

TubeMate has become so popular mainly because it lets you download online videos and many more types of media files.

You’ll be able to enjoy these while you’re offline, whenever you please.

This is indeed an endless supply for your favorite videos and allows you to make your very own offline video library that you can go back to as many times as you please.

Getting free music is probably the second best thing that the app provides, even if the feature is not exactly ethical.

You can also use the app to download your favorite podcasts to keep yourself entertained any time you feel like it.

TubeMate goes against Google Play Store’s ToS

This is because the app can download online videos and more.

This is the reason for which you cannot find this handy app in the Google Play Store, and a question arises in users’ minds. They are wondering whether the app is safe to use in this case.

Usually, the Google Play Store is seen as the safest stop to download content, and this is probably why lots of users are shy to venture in the world of APKs.

Getting TubeMate is a safe process

Long story short, TubeMate is a secure app, and it is guaranteed that it will not install any malware or unwanted software in peoples’ phones. Downloading and installing the APK version of the app is safe and straightforward.

To get the APK apps and all the updates, you first have to head over to your phone’s Settings page, and there you will have to select Unknown Sources option.

This is because the app doesn’t come from the official Google Play Store. After that, the only thing left to do is head over to a safe and reliable APK website and get the app/update.

This is it – the whole process is very easy and safe, but it brings tons of entertainment.

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