Google Play Store 13.5.18 APK Update Arrives Today

Everyone who enjoys using the Google Play Store in order to download games and apps should be pleased to know that the Android parent has just released a new update for the service. The update was released by Google yesterday (February 7th) and all Android fans who are interested in getting their hands on the latest software tweaks and bug fixes can get the update right now.

Google Play Store 13.5.18 APK

The latest update for Google Play Store sports the 13.5.18 version number and it is available in the form of APK. This update format stands for “Android Package Kit” and it’s the format that Google always uses when it first releases its latest update for vital Android features and services.

The trick to getting access to APK updates is that Android users are required to head over to their smartphone’s Settings panel and then to enable the Unknown Sources since this type of updates don’t come directly from the Google Play Store. Therefore, Android fans need to get the latest update from Google’s official APK website.

What’s New?

As it is the case with all the latest Google Play Store updates, the Android parent makes sure to pack them with lots of software tweaks and bug fixes. While Android fans might be disappointed to hear that the new update doesn’t introduce any cool features, getting access to software tweaks and bug fixes is always better. The reason why we are saying this is because the Google Play Store will run better and its overall software stability will be enhanced after the software tweaks optimize its performances.


From the looks of it, this is a maintenance update that doesn’t bring any groundbreaking features. However, the maintenance update does make sure that Google Play Store never randomly crash by adding bug fixes.

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