IoT has the Potential to Boost the Adoption Rate of IPv6

In recent times, many enterprises have started to replace the aging IPv4 with IPv6 and the trend seems to be accelerated by the increasing popularity of the internet of things.

IPv6 offers several features that make it superior when it comes to the use of internet and the implementation of major internet of things networks that can improve the way in which an enterprise works and optimizes its workloads.

Increased address numbers

The main issue posed by IPv4 is represented by the fact that it is able handle a limited number of 4.2 billion possible addresses. While the number seems to be quite big it is thought that the number of devices that are connected to the internet will grow up to 28.5 billion in the next three years. This is a major problem when we are looking at the implementation of IoT networks since they will require an additional protocol called NAT (or network address translation) which allows the use of a public IP that can be accessed by several private IPs at the same time.  According to some estimation IPv6 is able to handle approximately 340 undecillion, a number so large that it will allow billions of IoT devices to have a unique IP, reducing the costs associated with NAT.

Better battery life

Battery live is critical for many IoT devices since some can play a vital role. Some sensors monitor huge factory devices and a sensor that runs out of energy will not be able to signalize a risky situation that could lead to several problems. IPv4 consumes a lot of energy for redundant processes that yield no value in the long run but are mandatory while IPv6 is able to optimize the connection and reduce energy consumption at the same time.

Better security

IPSec is an additional layer of security that is a core part of IPv6. This makes the network more secure which is a great advantage in a world where new hacking methods appear each day.

Adopting IPv6 may seem expensive at first but the investment will provide several benefits in the long run.

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