VidMate 3.6507 APK Update Comes With Enhanced Performance And Bug Fixes

VidMate app has been in the spotlight throughout all 2018, and it’s still making headlines, but it’s no wonder, considering how many fans the app has.

VidMate is an extremely popular application to hold on your smartphone, and this is the main reason for which more and more people become its fans, and the user community is continually growing.

You can use it to download online music, podcasts and more.

Developers bring the latest update 

At the beginning of the month, VidMate developers bring an essential update for the app.

Fans will be happy to know that the devs have released an update which is basically focused on improving the overall quality of the software.

It enhances the performance and software stability via various software tweaks and bug fixes for the known issues of the app.

VidMate 3.6507 APK

The APK update involves the fact that this can only be installed on Android smartphones.

More than that this brand new update only requires minimum Andoird 4.0 or higher for smartphones to be able to install it.

The update’s size is only 12.41 MB, and users who want to download the app can do this via VidMate’s official website. This is the most reliable source.

What the update brings new

The developers of VidMate made sure to roll out a few bug fixes for some known issue that the app was having.

This is basically what they send via each and every one of the updates for the application.

VidMate is a free app to download, but it still gets great support and the build number changes on a weekly basis.

Such bug fixes that are rolling out so often make sure that the app works as close to perfection as possible.

This latest update makes sure that the app works faster and it also gets rid of the potential crashes.

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