SHAREit Latest Update 4.6.88 APK Brings Enhanced Connectivity & Playback

We recently reported that SHAREit was in the spotlight not too long ago.

SHAREit is a very successful file transferring app, which allows users to easily transfer their files, such as images, documents, and contacts between different devices, in no time.

SHAREit also managed to touch the third spot in the list of the most active applications in India after WhatsApp and Facebook with 200 million monthly active users, according to an official statement from the company.

The latest update for the app SHAREit brings some pretty exciting improvements. The update is number 4.6.88, and it was just released on February 1st.

The update is important because it makes sure to enhance some of the features of the app.

The update also comes with a bunch of bug fixes for the known issues, so finally, users will be able to enjoy it with any hassle.

Latest SHAREit update

The newest update for this popular application brings a new version number, and it’s also important to mention that it comes in the form of an APK.

This means that Android fans of SHAREit are the only ones who can get their hands on the new update at the moment.

Enhanced playback and connectivity 

The very first thing that the app’s fans will notice is that after installing the new application, the app’s playback user experience is completely improved.

The app’s developers have said in the patch notes that improving the playback UX has been a priority to them during the past couple of months and they have finally managed to optimize the software.

The app’s fans will be also more than thrilled to find out that the application features a greater connection success rate.

In other words, the app will now connect to various smartphones way faster than previously.

More bug fixes 

The latest APK update for the app is that it finally takes care of the insufficient space caused by the large files at the portal.

A bunch of bug fixes that have been introduced in the update by the app’s developers takes care of this issue once and for all.

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