iPhone XL – The Smartphone Industry is Never Going to be The Same

This year is shaping up to be a great one for Apple fans. Apple launched three new iPhones last year and for a first time ever, Apple introduced iPhone XR which is a “budget” iPhone. However, things are going to get even better in 2019 because Apple is planning to launch an all-new iPhone XL. The internet is buzzing with rumors and speculations in anticipation for iPhone XL and today we are going to present everything there is to know about it.

The “XL” Branding

First off, we need to talk a bit about iPhone XL’s name. Nearly all smartphone companies are launching XL versions of their smartphones with Google and Samsung leading the way. Apple used to do the same and its bigger iPhones were called “Plus”. Well, Apple is looking to change that in 2019 and launch the bigger iPhone as a standalone device and not just a bigger version of already existing models.

5G Technology

The reason why all Apple fans are waiting for iPhone XL to be announced is because previous leaks have shown that iPhone XL will support 5G technology. Adding 5G technology to iPhone XL is great because it will provide users with faster mobile data speeds and network coverage all over the world.

Triple Camera-Setup

Leaving the 5G technology aside, the second feature that stands out about iPhone XL is the device’s triple camera-setup. Apple is a company that loves nothing more than to equip its devices with the best camera specs available on the market and therefore, it makes perfect sense that Apple wants to implement a triple camera-setup on iPhone XL’s rear side. Just like on iPhone XS Max, one of the cameras is going to be used to add more depth to pictures while the others will improve the quality of pictures that iPhone XL can take.

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