iOS 12.2 Beta Update Brings 5G “Fake Logo” And Four New Animojis

All users enlisted in Apple’s beta program for iOS receive some pretty massive news.

Apple just started rolling out a new version of iOS 12.2, and it brings some really juicy new functionalities.

iPhone fans will get to use a bunch of new Animoji characters when the official build of this update is released.

The latest beta update

This is a beta version of iOS 12.2, and this means that iPhone fans who are not enlisted in Apple’s bet program will have to be patient for a while longer until they can also get to test this.

Apple usually requires between two to three weeks of testing before it launched over the air updates to all users or the general public.

All users enlisted in the program mentioned above can check 0out the update now without having to wait some more.

5G Evolution logo

The update will show fans who want to install the new iOS 12.2 that the LTE logo has been changed to the 5G icon. But don’t be fooled because this does not mean that the iPhones start supporting 5G networks.

This only stands for 5G Evolution, and some may see in it false advertising. 5G E networks will work faster than LTE ones, and this is an achievement.

Four brand new Animojis

New Animoji characters are always making users happy, so the fact that the update brings a bunch of them will be definitely a great gift.

There are four new animojis included in the update: a shark, an owl, a giraffe, and a warthog.

Back in January, towards the end of the month, we reported that developers have taken to the first beta of iOS 12.2 in order to provide initial demos of the very first HomeKit TVs.

AppleInsider was the first tech publication that presented the features of HomeKit TVs, and the same outlet says that these features can be tested with the iOS 12.2 which has added the initial support.

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