Google Play Store Gets a New “February APK” Update

If there is something that everyone can agree on when it comes to Google, then it has to be the fact that the Android parent is always rolling out new updates for its most important services and apps. Just take for example the rate at which the Google Play Store is being updated. The Google Play Store is a key component of the Android operating system and therefore, Google is making sure that everything is running without any issues by constantly releasing new updates that introduce bug fixes and software tweaks.

Google Play Store February APK

One of the biggest benefits that using an Android powered smartphone brings is being first in line to all of Google’s latest updates. In fact, a brand-new update has been released for the Google Play Store at the start of this month and it changes the service’s version number to 13.4.11.

This is an APK update which means that Google is going to take at least one more week before it starts rolling it out OTA (over the air) to the general public. Therefore, all Android fans who want to get their hands on the new APK update are required to manually download and install it from Google’s official website. Also, Android users should make sure to enable the “Unknown Sources” option from their smartphone’s Settings panel first.

New Bug Fixes

Since the Google Play Store is not an app or a game, the new APK update focuses on improving its performances through bug fixes. With that said, all Android fans who don’t want to deal with random crashes or UI (user interface) bugs when trying to download apps or games should make sure to get the new APK update as soon as possible. Additionally, updating the Google Play Store will significantly increase the performance of any smartphone.

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