The Next iPhone Max Could Sport a Triple Camera Setup

The internet rumor machine is always hard at work and the next iPhones are the current hot topic. Several rumors claim that Apple will release another trio of devices in September.

The design of the device will remain similar to the current looks but Apple may add other features in order to encourage users to buy a new device.

A reliable source claims that the Max version of the iPhone 11 will sport a triple camera setup on its rear while the other models will feature a dual camera setup.

Select sources note that the third camera will play a filler role until a larger camera upgrade will arrive in 2020. It is likely that the third camera will be a telephoto lens in the vein of the one featured on Android flagships likes the LG V40 ThinQ and Huawei Mate P2, which allows the devices to deliver impressive wide-angle photos.

The array would dramatically enhance the zoom range of the iPhone 11 Max. The increased resolution will also boost the capabilities of the AI when it comes to photo editing. The use of several sensors could mark an increase of the performance of the Smart HDR feature.

The idea is quite popular and several concepts that imply the existence of a triple camera setup can be found on the internet.  Some of them propose a triangle layout with the flash in the upper corner and a depth sensor on the lower corner of a special square bump placed on the back of the device. A brave source claims that Apple may premier a laser-based 3D camera on the rear of 2020 iPhone. The advanced sensor will open some interesting opportunities, including support for an improved augmented reality experience.

Other sources claim that Apple may increase the size of Live Photos from 3 to 6 seconds. The feature was introduced back in 2015.

At this point, we can only hope that the new camera will prove out to be better than the ones featured the iPhone models that were released in 2018.

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