Five Marketing Strategies For Small/Beginner Tech Companies

Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Amazon – these are all tech giants that we keep writing about. But obviously, before they became the mammoths that they are today, all these companies had to start somewhere. Any tech company should become aware of some vital elements such as marketing and sales in order to become successful. And while there are a lot of Marketing Degree Courses out there which you can choose to study to build a strong foundation for future marketing skills. Here are out best marketing strategies that are ideal for smaller tech companies. After you establish your company’s goal, these will be the perfect steps.

Attracting visitors to your website and brand

You can do this via a blog because blogs are terrific ways of attracting more visitors. Blogs can help readers learn more about your products and services and all the issues related.

Make use of public relations

It’s all about getting your name out there on the streets. This is an excellent strategy that positions you as a leader and all you have to do is take the route and “meld PR into SEO/paid media/social media,” according to an article on Entrepreneur.

The pricing for a PR campaign can vary a lot, but the results are always worth it.

Email marketing

Emails are another form of marketing for tech companies, and you can use them to thank people for subscribing, inviting them to view new content, to events, and so on. They are basically great for staying in touch with your audience.

Organic social media

We’re talking about Facebook and Twitter. There are reportedly more than 60 million businesses that have Facebook Pages by it seems that, according to statistics, 87% of posts don’t get answered. Even if Twitter boasts 328 million users, you will not be going for all of them. It’s essential to always build your list of followers carefully. The main idea is to build relationships and credibility.

Google AdWords Retargeting

Total Product Marketing reveals that “Retargeting refers to display ads that show up on another site being visited by a person who’s already been to your site, and you can do this through the Google Display Network. This means they’ve already shown some interest in what it is you offer. In essence, now, even your ads can be pre-qualified.”

The Google Display Network is one of the most powerful advertising tools, and the best thing is that it reaches 90% of global internet users.

Keep in mind these marketing strategies, and you’ll be on the right way towards success.

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