The Latest Electra Jailbreak Update Adds Support for A7 and A8 Devices

The iOS ecosystem offers a variety of useful features and advantages that are not available on other platforms. But like all good things it also has its downsides. One of the biggest issues is posed by the very nature of the system since Apple decided to add some limitations in order to protect users.

While most of these limitations keep the system secure there are some that are not very practical. Users are not able to install apps from external sources, for example, because Apple believes that they could be infected.

Loyal fans will always find a way to improve their favorite product and this happened here too. In a few months after the first iPhone was released some power users managed to discover that they are able to use some exploits in order to lift some of the limitations that were placed by able. This was the moment when jailbreak solutions started to appear.

Electra is one of the most popular jailbreak solutions for iOS devices. The program is compatible with iPhones iPads, iPods and the Apple TV.

The solution is quite easy to use and can be installed by the average user in little to no time. The app is compatible with all the devices that run iOS 11.0 and up to iOS 11.4.1

The latest update will allow owners of older devices like the iPhone 5, and 6, iPod Touch 6, iPad Air 1 and 2 and iPad 2, 3, 4 to install the jailbreak without any problems. Electra will also install Cydia at the same time in order to allow users to download and use a variety of apps and tweaks that will improve the performance of their device and add a selection of new features.

Keep in mind that jailbreak is against the Apple’s rules and any device on which a jailbreak is installed will lose its warranty. The latest version of Electra can be found on the official website.

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