Brawl Stars Essential Tactics – What’s Best To Know?

Supercell, the creator of Clash Royale, has recently released a new PvP battler. Players on Brawl Stars can compete in three-on-three matches in which the person who has control of the most gems decides the winner. To be better at this game, you should follow the advice below.

Take control

There is a gem-dropping box in the middle of the Gem Grab event throughout the match. If you want a sure-fire way to win the game, you should take control of this box as your opponent will have lest gems than you. The lack of cover is the downside to owning the middle so keep approaching your enemy while dropping back to grab gems once in a while.

Heal up!

You need to stop shooting in order for your health to get regenerated. Laying down your weapon sounds risky, but you can avoid being killed using the many ways to heals. You can ambush your enemy when their health is full or take cover in some bushes. Walking away should also do the trick as long as you do not shoot.

Be aggressive, but not too aggressive

You will get into some trouble that you were not ready for if you go guns blazing in Brawl Stars whenever you have the opportunity. Whether you need to reload, or there is a whole heap of enemies, it is unwinnable and unwise to take on teams. However, getting stuck in is not a bad idea. To do damage to your enemy, you need to get up in close so think about a small retreat after you do something to them in order to heal and then be even more suppressive. It would be enough to do this once or twice.

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