Gmail APK Fixes Known Software Bugs

Gmail is the world’s most popular email service and there is no doubt about that. The fact that Gmail is used by millions of people from all the corners of the worlds shows us that this is a premium email service and that it offers a premium user experience. While the features and premium user experience of Gmail might be awesome, what really sets this email service apart from all the others is the number of updates it gets every month.

Obviously, Google is the company that is in charge of Gmail and as we all know, Google loves nothing more than to improve its apps and services through a constant stream of updates. Google is always releasing new APK (android package kit) updates and a new one has just arrived for Gmail. With that said, let’s check out everything there is to know about it.

Gmail APK

The latest update for Gmail is available in the form of APK and it sports the version number. This is a high priority update for all Gmail users who are willing to install APK files because it comes with a handful of important bug fixes and software tweaks.

Gmail is an important app because people use it for business and to communicate with their friends and family members. Therefore, Google doesn’t afford for Gmail to have any bugs that could ruin people’s user experience and here is where APK updates come in. This latest APK update which changes Gmail’s version number to makes sure that the email service doesn’t randomly crash because it fixes a bunch of known software issues.

Android Package Kit Update

For everyone who hasn’t heard about APK updates before, the trick to installing them is that all users have to do it manually. This can be done by enabling the “Unknown Sources” option on an Android smartphone and then downloading the APK file from Google’s website.

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