Kodi 18.0 Leia is Now Available With New Compatibility

Kodi is is one the most popular media centers that are currently available on the market. The open-source program allows users to share and watch a variety of content across several platforms.

The first iteration of the program appeared in 2002 as a shareware media player for the original Xbox console.  A robust package of features lead to a rapid growth in popularity and the program became known as the Xbox Media Center.

The open source nature of the program has made it compatible with several platforms, among which we can count Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, macOS and other popular operating systems.

After several months of development the latest version is now available for download. New features have been included and several bugs have been fixed.

New features

  • A new Games winded has been added along with a RetroPlayer core that is compatible with several game clients add-ons and emulators that employ the libretro API
  • Major GUI revamp that changes the aspect and functionality of Live TV and PVR add-ons like Teleboy PVR, Zatto PVR and others
  • Kodi is now more stable when binary add-ons are used:

-a new Python 3 interpreter has been added

-the imputstream feature has been improved, increasing the performance of network streaming protocols

-Kodi is now compatible with Python web scrapers.

  • New skins are now available.
  • The Music Library has been revamped and improved.
  • Several minor updates will improve the Android development opportunities.
  • The Audio Engine has been improved and it is now compatible with a larger number of formats.
  • Important notice: Android users that wish to upgrade to the latest version are advised to install Kodi 18 over Kodi 17. This will keep their settings and libraries intact.
  • Do keep in mind that some updates are not compatible with Kodi 18 at this point but new versions will be released in the future.

You can download installers for all the relevant platforms from the official Kodi website.

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