Google+ Is On Its Deathbed: Google Starts Deleting Accounts And Pages On April 2nd

Google just revealed that its consumer version of Google+ would officially shut down on April 2nd, this year.

That day will be marking the fact that Google+ accounts and pages will become inaccessible to users and Google+ content including pics and video from Album Archives will begin to become a mere memory.

Starting February 4, users will not be able to create new Google+ profiles, communities, pages and events.

Google has been preparing users for the shutdown 

Google has been doing everything to prepare users for the significant change. The tech giant has encouraged people to download and save the content before it gets deleted.

Business Insider reminds everyone that Android Police has “recommended a download tool called the Google+ Exporter for power users of the social network.”

Google made the sad announcement back in December

At the end of 2018, Google revealed that Google+ for consumers would get shut down in April, but they had not provided an exact date.

Back then, Google cited “challenges involved in maintaining a successful product” and the “platform’s low usage” as reasons for shuttering the service.

The company made sure to repeat the message in its latest announcement.

Google’s motivation for this move

Back in October, The Wall Street Journal revealed that data from 500,000 Google+ users had been exposed over a three year period, but the company had decided to keep quiet on the matter.

Then, at the end of 2018, the tech giant revealed that over 52 million Google+ users have been hit by another bug which resulted in exposing the personal data of users. The private info included names, emails, ages, and occupations.

This latest horrible issue made the company decided that it’s time to shut down the consumer product and to do it sooner than initially planned.

So, they moved the kill from August to April 2019. Make sure to save your content before it’s too late.

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