Sims 5: What Do We Know Until Now?

With all kinds of rumors circulating lately on the internet about the upcoming Sims 5, fans cannot wait to find out more about the next title of this popular life simulation game. So let’s take a look at what we expect from the much-awaited video game.

New features will be added to the Sims 5

When it comes to the Sims titles, we all know that they don’t always come with too many new features and expansions. However, we’ve seen all kinds of technological advancements being made throughout the games, so this is something that we believe we’ll notice in the next title as well.

We definitely expect to see more realism and immersion in the game. Fans can expect more unique and interesting features for their characters, as well as some advance life states for them. We’ve even heard some rumors about a 3D experience in the Sims 5 for players, so that would definitely be amazing!

Release Date for Sims 5

So far, we haven’t had any official details from the developers about the possible release date for the Sims 5. Still, judging by the fact that each Sims title was released every five years, with the last one being launched back in 2014, we believe the developers could follow the same pattern this time as well. This means that the video game should arrive sometime this year.

Still, according to what we’ve heard before, the developers are thinking about adding more content for the Sims 4 in 2019. Because of this, we might see a delay in the release of the Sims 5. As much as we would hate to wait for a long time, we could see the game being released in 2020 or maybe even 2022, based on what some predictions indicate.

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