PS5 Might Not Have Cross-Play as Its Main Feature

As we are getting closer and closer to the moment when PlayStation 5 and the next Xbox, which has been codenamed Xbox Scarlett, will be launched, developers are in talks about what kind of expectations console players should have next.

Cross-platform play may not be the defining feature of next gen consoles

As cross-platform play is starting to become more and more popular, many of us expect to see this feature on the PS5 and the next Xbox. Unfortunately, based on the opinion of Lukasz Janczukco from Juggler Games, the developers of the two consoles might not focus on the ability to play across platforms at the moment.

Janczukco said in a statement that “However cross platform in my opinion won’t work universally for all the games so it’s hard for me to believe that it will be defining feature.” This means that he believes that cross-platform play will not be a defining feature of the next gen systems because it simply cannot be used across all the games.

What Janczukco says makes sense, of course. For example, there would be no benefits from cross-platform play in a single player game, so he does have a point.

What else we know at the moment

Based on some earlier leaks, we know that Sony is thinking about backwards compatibility for the next console. The company is also considering integrating some amazing fan-made concept art.

The next generation consoles are not far from us, that’s for sure. We already know that at least one of these much-awaited next gen console could be released in 2020 – not so long from now. We’re talking about PS5, of course. According to some rumors from last year, the console might be partially revealed in the middle of 2019, while its complete release is expected to follow in 2020.

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