iPad Pro vs iPad Air 2: What Are the Differences Between The Two Tablets?

Prepare for Apple’s giant iPad Pro that looks like you don’t need to carry a laptop anymore. But what about the iPad Air 2 that was announced last year? Let’s check the differences between then and you will see which one fits your needs.

iPad Pro vs. iPad Air 2: The Size and Weight

The iPad Pro is the biggest iPad Apple has to offer. The iPad Air 2 is 9.7 inches, while the iPad Pro is 12.9 inches. The screen resolution on the Air 2 is 2048×1536 pixels but doesn’t come close to the 2732×2048 pixel resolution that iPad Pro comes with.

The term ‘air’ in the iPad Air 2 comes from the lightweight tablet which is only 0.96lbs, and it has a 6.1 mm thickness.

Meanwhile, iPad Pro is a lot heavier – 1.57lbs, the same weight as the original iPad which is actually an improvement considering this one is a lot bigger and powerful. The iPad Pro is also thicker, measuring 6.9 mm, but this tablet should be used by people that are working on a desk or a stand, not holding it in one hand.

iPad Pro vs. iPad Air 2: Specs

The iPad 2 comes with a 64-bit A8X chipset, while the Pro got an upgraded chip – the A9X. This means higher performance, considering Apple’s claim that the A9X is 1.8 faster than the previous generation. And it’s expected to be better since the Pro must handle heavy-duty tasks.

The iPad Pro will come with four speakers, compared with the iPad Air 2 which only has two. So expect to have a noisier iPad Pro, three times louder than the Air 2.

What to choose: The iPad Pro or the iPad Air 2?

Looking at the differences between the two, what should you get? It seems that the Pro is meant to be a business tool for those that rely on multitasking.

Meanwhile, what it separates the Pro from the iPad Air 2 is that the latter is not aimed at being a device for business, but they can both be used for creative professionals.

The only problem with the Air 2 is that it has less processing power and it is smaller. With the Pro, you can run and edit several 4K videos at the same time, which makes it as good as a desktop computer regarding performance.

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