Google Pixel 4 Leaks: Revamped Body with Smarter Tech

The Pixel 3 may have been released 3 months ago but some are already looking forward to the next incarnation of the popular flagship device.

The internet is already filled with countless threads about the possible features of the future device. Below you can find a comprehensive list of features that should make the next Google smartphone a hit.

  1. Revamped body

The previous devices share the same design and screen size.  This may be great for those that are looking for hardware update but it makes them look plain and undistinguishable.

If Google plans to attract more customers in the future a bold redesign is a must.

  1. Smarter tech

2018 brought a variety of in-display sensors that are able to offer a selection of interesting features.  A superior display with a hidden camera would be a great addition.

  1. Expanded camera

Google proved that a single camera is able to shoot amazing pictures if you are able to pack the right software features.  This may be true but an extra lens would allow the company to explore new ways of taking photos that have the potential to grab the attention of many potential users

  1. Faster, Smarter, Better

Google has been committed to deliver the best performance possible since the first Pixel device was released. In order to make the promise real the latest Qualcomm processor was present on the new Pixel models. If the trend is maintained it is likely that the next Pixel will sport the enticing Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. More RAM will be also added as some sources claim that 8GB will soon become the standard. Since a memory card is unlikely the internal storage space could be expanded to 512GB or even 1TB.

The latest Snapdragon chip is natively compatible with 5G network. Support for 5G is expected and some operators are already testing the new technology in select regions.

Price and choices

It is likely that the current tier will be maintained. The standard model should carry a price tag of $750 while the XL variant will available for $999.

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