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What’s great about the Android operating system is the freedom that it gives to its users. Unlike other operating systems, Apple we are looking at you, Google is giving Android users full freedom when it comes to customization options. Not only that, but Google has also packed the operating system with a plethora of premium features that enhance the user experience that Android users receive from their smartphones.

One of the most important features that all Android fans know and love is the Google Play Store. This feature was introduced in the first version of the Android operating system and Google has kept on improving it all along the years through regular updates. In fact, a brand-new one has recently arrived.

New Google Play Store Update

Since the Google Play Store is the platform from where all Android fans download their favorite apps and games from, no one should be shocked to find out that Google is always improving it through a constant stream of updates. These updates arrive in the form of APK which is Google’s favorite update format and they introduce important bug fixes and software tweaks.

The latest update for the Google Play Store sports the 13.3.16 version number and it arrived last week. This is a high priority update for all Android fans because it focuses on improving the overall software stability of the Google Play Store by introducing a handful of bug fixes.

Android Package Kit

Even though Google releases APK updates on a regular basis, there is a trick to getting access to them. These updates need to be manually downloaded on installed on Android smartphones. Even though having to manually install an update might be annoying, it’s all worth it since APK updates always come with new bug fixes.

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