New WhatsApp Beta Update Gets Viral

Most applications have more than just a stable, regular version and that is the beta one, a more exclusive, almost testing variant that is not available for everyone.

You get access to more content and that faster than others when you have the beta version of an app. This is the reason why everybody wants to have the newest WhatsApp Beta Update.

However, it is not that easy to get the WhatsApp beta update on your device, so make sure that you do not trust any shady source that offers you the download link as it can be a virus behind it.

Regular version vs. WhatsApp Beta

Everybody has the regular version of WhatsApp on their phone, and it is always available in the App Store or in the Play Store depending on what kind of operating system your device runs.

Either way, WhatsApp is totally and completely free to download, and it will install almost immediately. What is great is that it has recently become available in the computer version too, so now you can use it on your desktop as well.

You get everything you need from the regular version of WhatsApp: sending documents, instant messaging, sending gifs, pictures, send your location, and many more.

Every time the app gets an update, you receive it on your phone. To make it less hard to understand, the regular version of WhatsApp is the one developed by the mother company and can be found on app stores.

From Beta to official WhatsApp release

The regular version of WhatsApp is not that different from the Beta one. The latter can be enjoyed only by a few people and is basically a trial version of an app.

In this trial version, you will be offered the newest updates first so you can see how they are. This was the app developers also get feedback, so they know what to change before the original release.

The Beta version is also developed by the mother company which makes it a safe app, but the thing is that you can’t download it from an app store.

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