Google Play Store – How to Test and Refund Paid Android Apps and Games

Ask any experienced Android fan what is the best feature that Google’s operating system has to offer and they will tell you that it is the Google Play Store. Even though the Android operating system is equipped with a plethora of features, the Google Play Store outshines them all. What’s great about this platform is not only the fact that it makes it possible for Android users to download and install all the games or apps that they want, but also that it can be used to test paid apps and get a refund if that app is not to your liking.

Paid Apps and Games

Even though there are lots of cool free to use apps and games, we have to admit that the best ones are ones which have to be purchased. The developers of paid apps and games put lots of effort in offering a premium user experience so that the app or game is worth its money. Nonetheless, today we are going to show all Android users a Google Play Store trick that will help them test out paid apps and get their money back if they don’t like it.

How to Test and Refund Android Apps

If you ever wanted to see what kind of features paid apps and games have to offer, then you are in luck! The reason why we are saying this is because today all Android fans are going to find out how to test paid apps for free!

The trick here is to purchase a paid app or game that you might want to try and then to make sure to claim a refund in under two hours. Not only that, but the refund time limit goes up to 48 hours if the Android users make the refund request over the web and not through the Google Play Store app.

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