Google Play Store Gets a New Update – Here’s All You Need to Know

Google and Apple are in a never-ending war when it comes to mobile operating systems. Android and iOS are always pinned against each other because people want to find out which one is the best. However, that is an impossible question to answer because both operating systems excel in different aspects. Take for example how Google gives its Android fans access lots of customization options while iOS doesn’t feature any of them.

Nonetheless, there is something else that Google is doing better than Apple and that is constantly releasing APK updates that improve the performances of its staple Android features and services. In fact, the Android parent has recently released a new update for the Google Play Store which introduces a handful of software improvements.

Google Play Store Update

Hands down, the best thing about using an Android powered smartphone is getting access to Google’s latest APK updates. APK is an acronym for “Android Package Kit” and it’s the format that Google uses for all its updates before it rolls them out OTA (over the air). Therefore, all Android users who want to get their hands on all the new APK updates need to get them manually from Google’s official website.

What’s New?

As it is the case with all new updates, Google has made sure to introduce a bunch of bug fixes in the latest Google Play Store APK update which features the 13.3.16 build number. While bug fixes might not seem like such a high priority download for most Android fans, they actually are.

Just imagine how annoying it would be to try and download an app or a game via the Google Play Store only to have the service randomly crash in the middle of the downloading process. Luckily, this is never going to happen as long as Google keeps pushing out bug fixes.

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