The remake of Resident Evil 2 – You vs. Tyrant

Yesterday the remake of Resident Evil 2 came, and you will know how wonderful it is if you play it. If you have not tried it yet, you should do so. At least watch a video on YouTube and decide whether it is worth giving a shot or not.

The 90s PlayStation classic’s reimaging is brilliant thanks to Capcom, and you will be amazed by how great it looks. One amazing aspect would be the look of the Tyrant.

Beware of the spoilers ahead

The Tyrant, also known as Mr. X, begins to stalk the player not too far into the game. And no, the stalk is not an exaggeration. Wherever you go, he will hunt you down slowly and inevitably.

The Tyrant wears a trenchcoat and a hat. But when he wants to make sure that you are aware of his presence, he would squeeze someone’s face until it pops or it would punch through a wall. After hearing that, there is no way to escape. While exploring the Raccoon Police station’s darkened corridors, you might turn a corner and surprise! There he is with his fists ch=lenched and face placing walking towards you. You might get a mini-heart attack, but it is fun!

When the Tyrant stomps around the station, you can also hear his footsteps so you should keep your ears opened for any sign of his existence. In case that does not work and you get cornered, you might receive a makeover from Tyrant’s punches. He hs got super long reach and hits pretty hard so you should always keep an escape route in mind. You should also avoid the dead ends because…you might end up dead instead.

This remake is awesome not only because of its graphics, but it is also full of surprises you would not expect.

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