OnePlus 6T vs. OnePlus 7 – Which One Would Suit You Better?

Notch or no Notch?

Compared to the notch design of OnePlus 6, the waterdrop-shaped one that OnePlus 6T is equipped with is better. However, that subject is still up for debate.

According to a leak, the OnePlus 7 will not feature a notch, its design being full-screen.

In order for this design to be achieved, OnePlus decided to go with a slider camera system which can also be seen in the  Honor Magic 2, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, and Lenovo Z5 Pro. Even though this design sounds futuristic, it does not come without possible issues.

The first issue would be that the uncertified water-resistance feature of the OnePlus 7 would be compromised.

The second issue would be that the OnePlus 7’s margin would be thicker and in case of odd falls, it would be prone to damages.

The Processor

The Snapdragon 845 chip equips the OnePlus 6T while The OnePlus 7 will feature the latest 7nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip which will allow faster image processing and data speeds.


The OnePlus 6T is available in either the 8 or the 6GB of RAM variant, while OnePlus 7 is expected to come with up to 10 GB of RAM, similar to OnePlus 6T’s McLaren edition.

Triple Cameras?

According to NewsBytesApp, the upcoming Galaxy S10 and iPhone flagships are adopting triple rear cameras. With that being said, it would not be a surprise of OnePlus 7 to do that too.

However, the chances for this to happen are quite low. The company might save this feature for their OnePlus 7T.

The Price Tag

Many rumors believe that OnePlus 7’s price might exceed OnePlus 6T’s at $50-100 more. Below you can see a list of the prices for OnePlus 6T:

10GB/256GB McLaren edition — $699 / £649

8GB/256GB Midnight Black color — $629 / £579

8GB/128GB Midnight Black color — $579 / £529

8GB/128GB Mirror Black color — $579 / £529

6GB/128GB Mirror Black color — $549 / £499

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