A New Minecraft Version Download Available for PS4

A new patch has been released for the PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft. While the Windows 10, Xbox One and mobile versions are handled by Mojang patches for the PS version are offered by 4J Studios.

The game is still available for legacy consoles like PS3 and Xbox 360 but these platforms will not receive new patches in the future.

Patch 1.85 adds a variety of bug fixes that will improve the gameplay experience. Below you can find a list of selected highlights.

A bug that caused a crash when the player tried to load an older world has been fixed.

A bug that caused large chests to appear as two chests in the multiplayer mode has been fixed.

In some cases bamboo didn’t spawn properly in some areas and it was replaced by tall grass or double grass. The issue has been addressed.

Several recipes seemed to be missing. A lapis lazuli block will now allow players to harvest 9 lapis lazuli. Red dye can be made by using rose bush and peony can be used in order to obtain pink dye.

In some cases the Potion of Slow falling did not seem to work for players that were also using elytra gliding. It will now work as expected.

Players will now be able to place water in the End area.

In some cases players that threw their trident were unable to pick it up if they died. The bug has been removed.

A Riptide trident will now correctly reset the player’s fall counter.

Minecraft has remained one of the most popular video game titles since it was first released back in 2011 for the PC. The game has been appreciated by both adults and children alike because it allows players to explore and survive an interesting sandbox world that can pack lots of surprises. The Creative mode allows users to craft incredible constructions. Talented players have managed to recreate impressive landmarks that are on par with the original object or landscape.

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