iPhone XR Vs. Google Pixel 3: Which One Should You Choose in Terms Of Camera?

We have written this article to give you some differences between Google Pixel 3 and iPhone XR, in terms of the camera. Both of them come with angle lenses, sensors of 12-megapixel and 4k video recording, so they don’t really seem to be that different.

In terms of the low light

The range of the images is clearly boosted by the HDR versions of the smartphones. In Pixel 3, we have two levels of HDR, and those include HDR+ and HDR+ Enhanced. iPhone XR uses Smart HDR, and it’s actually set by default.

In good lighting, landscapes are almost perfect for both of them. The colors are saturated and the exposures are completely accurate. However, Google Pixel 3 adds an extra touch of contrast to all of its photos; iPhone XR comes with an even look for shadows and highlights, all thanks to Smart HDR.

So it’s saved to say that Google Pixel 3 has us when it comes to low light, due to the fact that it takes pictures with sharpness and less noise, if we are to compare it with iPhone XR.

In terms of the portrait mode

They both provide a blurry background, which is nice. Google Pixel 3 also comes with pictures that have more contrast when it comes to producing sharper images. Also, iPhone XR faces only works for humans.

You can make the most out of the portrait mode on Google Pixel 3 on pretty much anything, from toys to animals.

In terms of selfies

Google Pixel 3 comes with a great feature when it comes to taking selfies, and we cannot say the same thing for iPhone XR. Google Pixel 3 comes with two front lenses, a 97-degree view (it’s really wide) and a 75-degree view (which is a field view).

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