GTA 6: When Should We Expect It?

GTA 5 was definitely the most successful video game ever, but given the fact that is almost six years old, it would be nice if a new title of the GTA series would follow soon.

Is there any news on GTA 6?

Until now, Rockstar has been completely quiet about GTA 6 or any other plans that it might have for future projects. In the last couple of years, we’ve seen some rumors circulating on the internet about a certain game, supposedly called “Agent”. Apparently it was in the developing process at Rockstar North and its action was supposed to take place during the Cold War.

We’ve even seen some leaked concept art from this “Agent” game in 2017. Sadly, the trademark of the game was officially abandoned by the US Patent and Trademark Office in November last year. This obviously means that we will not really see this game in the future.

Rockstar could be working on developing GTA 6

When it comes to GTA 6, the studio hasn’t made any public announcements so far. So we don’t really know if Rockstar is working on a new GTA title or maybe on something completely different. But most of us believe that GTA 6 is in the development process, as it would only make sense.

GTA 5 was and still is a huge success, and especially GTA Online, so it is only normal to expect a new title from Rockstar. We cannot deny, of course, the fact that the developer certainly has the means and money to create something completely different, so a totally new game might be on its way, who knows? Still, no matter what the studio is working on, we still hope that GTA 6 is part of its plans and is being currently developed.

Previous leaks have suggested that Rockstar is constantly working on the development of GTA 6, but nothing new came to the surface lately. We hope that some new details will follow soon in the not so distant future.

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