Google Play Store – How to Get Your Money Refunded for Paid Apps & Games

Even though the user experience that Android powered smartphones offers is top-notch, this is not what makes these smartphones so immensely popular. There are millions of people who are using Android devices as their daily carriers and the reason behind this is quite simple, Android devices give people access to an unlimited source of useful apps and fun games. Therefore, nothing would be possible without the help of the Google Play Store which is the service where Android users can download apps and games from.

What’s great about the Google Play Store is the fact that this service is always improving. Google knows that this is a vital component of the Android operating system and it keeps making it better through regular updates. These updates usually contain new features and there have been so many updates along the years that most Android fans don’t even know about all of them, such as being able to get refunds for apps and games!

How to Get Refunds on Apps and Games

If you ever purchased a paid app or game and quickly regretted this decision, then you should be happy to know that from now on, you can get your money refunded with a simple tap of the screen. The only requirement here is to ask for the refunds at least two hours within buying the app or game. Two hours is more than enough time to test out an app or game and see what it’s features have to offer. With that said, this is how you can get your money refunded on the Google Play Store:

  • After purchasing the app, head over to its page on the Google Play Store;
  • Now you will see the following options: Install, Open or Refund;
  • Simply tap on the Refund option and your money will be refunded.

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