Android Q Might Allow Carriers to Lock Down Phones Much Easier

Not much is known yet about Android Q, even though a recent leak gave us an idea about what we should expect from the upcoming mobile operating system, such as new permissions settings and a system-wide dark mode. But now we have some news which indicate that Android Q could bring some undesired changes.

Android Q might include some negative changes

As suggested by some new code changes, which were recently spotted by 9to5Google, we can expect network carriers to be allowed to lock users’ phones down to certain networks via their SIM cards. This is bad news, as it means that carriers will have more control over which networks devices will work on or not. So this would be the first change and it is also believed that there will be a list of “allowed” and “excluded” carriers, which could be used to block for example MVNOs.

There’s a second change expected to arrive with Android Q as well, concerning more restrictions to dual-SIM devices. This change would allow network carriers to add a limitation that could completely block the second slot from functioning, if a SIM card from an excluded carrier was found in the first slot. Because of this restriction, carriers would obviously gain even more control over the customers’ devices.

Still too early to know what will happen

Nevertheless, it’s still quite early to think about whether these unpleasant options will be implemented in Google’s upcoming mobile operating system or not. First of all, even if these changes will make it to Android Q’s final version, it’s still going to be the carriers’ choice to enable them or not. Also, let’s not forget that unlocked phones will clearly not be affected by this. Those who would suffer, however, would be the customers who will buy devices through carriers. This means that they would need to think twice before purchasing an Android Q phone.

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