Brawl Stars: Its Modes Make it a Fun and Exciting Mobile Game

Brawl Stars is the most recent game from Supercell, the mobile developer known mostly for Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. One of the great things about Brawl Stars is that it doesn’t have any timers or paywalls. The game allows you to play regardless of how many matches you’ve completed previously. Brawl Stars is definitely a fun and easy-to-play game, so let’s take a look at what we like about it.

Brawl Stars has a battle royale mode

During the matches you play in Brawl Stars mod apk, you have the opportunity to earn trophies, which will in turn unlock new rewards for you. One thing that probably makes fans coming back to the game is the fact that something new is available all the time. This means that pretty much every time you want to play the game, you’ll have something new to check out.

Something else that is great about this game is that, similarly to Fortnite, it also has a battle royale mode. This mode, together with a MOBA-inspired gem collecting mode never rotate out of Brawl Stars. The battle royale mode in this game is very simple, fast and also incredibly fun, so what’s there not to like? The map is quite small and you have the chance to run into players frequently. Also, thanks to the top down camera, you can see other players from all possible angles. This allows you to easily catch sight of possible enemies. This mode can be played either alone, with a partner or with 9 other players.

Gem Grab is another mode of the game

Another popular and permanent mode that Brawl Stars has is the Gem Grab, which somehow feels like a simplified MOBA. In this mode, players need to grab gems, just as its name implies. Basically, these gems appear in the middle of the map and the first team to grab 10 gems and hold them long enough will win the game, so this mode is also quite easy to play. There are all kinds of maps for Gem Grab, but they all contain walls for cover and bushes for players to hide in.

Even though Brawl Stars’ two modes are simple and easy to play, they are far from boring. On the contrary, they are very exciting and enjoyable, and that’s the reason why players keep coming back to the game.

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