iPhone XL – Latest News, Leaks and Info

As February is getting closer, the only thing that Apple fans can think about is the next-generation of iPhones that Apple is planning to launch. The reason why there is so much excitement about the new iPhones is because Apple has kept raising the standards since 2017 when it launched iPhone X. The last year saw the release of iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, but 2019 is looking to be an even much better year according to the latest leaks and rumors.

iPhone XL

One of the most exciting rumors about this year’s iPhone lineup is saying that Apple is working on an iPhone that is bigger than all the previous ones. The device is called iPhone XL and in fact, it’s more than just a rumor. The design of iPhone XL has been recently leaked on the web and it shows us that Apple is getting ready to make a major announcement in February.

Triple Camera-Setup

If there’s something that we all can agree when it comes to Apple’s iPhones, then it must be the fact that they all are camera focus. Apple prides itself in the high-quality pictures that iPhones take and therefore, no one should be shocked to find out that iPhone XL will feature a triple camera-setup that is mounted on the rear.

Leaked Press Render

The first and only leaked press render of iPhone XL was posted on Twitter by “OnLeaks” who is a reliable leakster and it shows us that Apple is not willing to take any major risks when it comes to design. iPhone XL will feature the same design style as iPhone X did back in 2017, the difference being the triple camera-setup. Nonetheless, iPhone XL looks amazing and even though Apple has yet to release any official information about it, the “XL” part of its name tells us that it will be huge!

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