Apple Watch Series 5 New Patent Might Introduce a New Navigation System

With the increased size of the screen and modified Digital Crown, users of the Apple Watch Series 4 can interact with apps and notifications more intuitively. A new patent, however, seems to suggest that owners of the next gen Apple Watch Series 5 could be able to use gestures to navigate through the device, rather than scrolling or tapping. Soon, it should be possible to answer a call with a clench of the wrist or reply to a text by flicking the wrist.

A recent patent was submitted by Apple

The recent patent, which was published last Thursday and submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark, revealed that Apple is trying to develop motion-sensing components for the Apple Watch Series 5. This will be possible thanks to an electrocardiogram (ECG) heart monitor, already present on the Series 4, and a built-in tilt sensor, which can sense any movement of the wrist.

The heart monitor will sense hand gestures

Of the two, the heart monitor is the less obvious feature that could be used to detect hand gestures. However, by measuring the blood flow, this feature can sense any subtle movements of the hands, such as making a fist.

Apple Watch’s screen is too small

Many users of the Apple Watch will surely welcome the addition of the hand gestures, as the smartwatch’s small screen might be sometimes pretty hard to navigate. Another good news is that this feature is likely to be optional, so all those who have hard time accessing apps and notifications will receive help from Apple in the form of hand gestures. But even if most of the users will still decide that they don’t need such comfort, Apple has no other choice but to work on hand gestures, as Google is also developing its own system.

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