WhatsApp Troubled By New Security Issue

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform in the world, with over 1, 5 billion users active each month.  The fact that is completely free to use and compatible across a large selection of devices has helped the app tremendously.

However nothing is perfect and WhatsApp had its fair share of bugs and issues since the app was first launched.  The latest trouble is caused by the app’s backup feature.

Many WhatsApp users know that the service will associate your account to the phone number used when the app is activated. In order to protect meaningful conversations a backup copy is made and stored in the cloud. This is a handy feature if your phone suddenly breaks or you plan to buy a new one. The data is kept safe in your Google Drive account.

The issue that has recently surfaced seemed to be caused by a potential glitch in the back-up system. A user that recently signed a telecom contract installed the app and tried to activate her account. She was surprised when the app showed her the chat history of a person that owned the number before.

The user has underlined the fact the smartphone and the SIM card were brand-new and the conversations were not restored by using the backup feature.

The key to the problem is quite clear. The previous user failed to use the account migration feature offered by WhatsApp when he or she decided to switch the provider. This means that the account has remained associated with this particular number and when the new user tried to create a new account she merely signed-in with the old one.

Telecom networks will often provide old numbers to new users when a contract is signed. The issue could have been prevented easily if the old owner cared a little more about his privacy.

A description of the Change Number feature and a thorough guide that will help users are available on the official WhatsApp website.

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