UC Browser: Good Enough Data security or Are You Risking It?


UC Browser’s speed is great. Well, it is a reasonable one.

UC Browser is great for people who like to download a lot of content and files.


Security and privacy are not its forte points. Many users are concerned about its lack of these features.

No anti-phishing or anti-tracking features are available on the UC Browser.

Ads and news

UC Browser users mainly complain about the fact that they receive fake or frivolous news when they access it. With that being said, this browser is not as good as Firefox Focus or Brave Mobile when it comes to blocking ads. So if this is what you were looking for, you should avoid UC Browser.

Web browser interface

The mobile interface of the UC Browser is more intuitive than the desktop version they provide. Aside from that, it is also user-friendly, not being too complicated to use. Settings, history, downloads, bookmarks, files, videos, favorites, and extensions are all easy to find. All you have to do is to access the menu from the browser’s bottom center.

If you had previously used Safari for iOS, you would have seen that UC Browser’s way to handle the tabs is similar. From the browsers’ lower right corner you can tap the tab icon, and a page will be opened for you. It will show a “deck” where you will be able to see the thumbnail of the webpage which you can rotate through in order to find everything you are looking for.

Bottom Line

Even though the international following of the UC Browser is large, there are some existing concerns regarding its security and privacy approach. Many security and universities researchers are convinced that this browser can’t provide 100% safety. The UC Browser is not recommended for people with trust issues.

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