Rockstar Might Revisit a London Map, But Not for GTA 6

Until now, everything that we know about the upcoming GTA 6 is only based on rumors. One of these speculations suggests that the much-awaited title will have a gameplay map set in London. But as much as some fans would like to see this happening, we might not see this location in the next GTA, but in a different title that could be released in the far future.

The chances of seeing London as an inspiration for a GTA 6’s gameplay map

When we look at open world games, various locations outside North America have clearly been one of the most chosen places for gameplay maps. Because of this, fans are also taking into consideration the possibility of Rockstar Games revisiting London as an inspiration for GTA 6. The first game of the title, which was launched back in 1999, saw two expansion packs with London as the main environment and map being released.

Why we don’t know for sure whether Rockstar Games will choose London for GTA 6

In 2013, the producer of the game, Dan Houser, actually talked about the possibility of creating an environment for GTA 6 that would be focused on London. However, he also said that he couldn’t be sure if London would be in fact chosen for a GTA title or for a different game altogether, “These days I think we would love to set a game in the UK, set in London, whatever, but I don’t know if it would be a GTA game”.

Another location that was highly rumored for GTA 6 is South America. As a matter of fact, according to several publications, the upcoming game might be called internally “Project Americas”. This is because it is believed that GTA 6 will feature maps that are located in both North America and South America. Nevertheless, nothing has been confirmed yet, and we still don’t have any idea about what could the release date of GTA 6 be.

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