Pokemon Go New Event: Limited Research for Three Hours Today!

For a limited time on Saturday 19 January, Pokemon Go players will be able to head into the first ever Limited Research event. This event is new, and it will allow players to perform special Field Research tasks to catch a new Shiny Pokemon.

This event will only run for three hours, just like the monthly Community Days. During this period, you will receive tasks when you go to a PokeStop and spin the Photo Disc. The tasks can be completed whenever you want after you got them, but you will only get them during the three hours. Each Pokestop you visit will grant you a task.

With every Limited Research task finished, you will encounter Feebas, the first form of Milotic, the water Pokemon. Niantic said players could also stumble upon a Shiny Feebas, the first time it appears in the game. Below we have the schedule for when you can find Feebas and Shiny Feebas.

Limited Research, Shiny, Legendary, Gen 3 and Hoenn

Niantic also celebrates Hoenn in Pokemon Go, so expect to see more Gen 3 Pokemon in the wild until 29 January. You will also get to catch Shiny variants of these Pokemon: Zigzagoon and Taillow. In addition, any Shroomish you get to evolve into Breloom until Hoenn celebration ends will also get to learn a new move – Grass Knot.

You can complete your collection with Gen 3 Legendaries Groudon and Kyogre who will be available during Hoenn celebration. And that’s not all – new Field Research tasks are connected to Gen 2 Pokemon, and you can also find new avatar items (from Team Aqua and Team Magma) in the Style Shop.

Here is the Pokemon Go Limited Research Event Schedule, according to Gamespot:

The Americas and Greenland:

11 AM – 2 PM PT

2 PM – 5 PM ET

Europe, Middle East, and Africa

10 AM – 1 PM UTC


12 PM – 3 PM JST (January 20)

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