The Elder Scrolls Online – A Combination of Cats and Dragons

Bethesda has announced the next major expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online, and it is Elsweyis, a desert where the feline Khajiit lives. This is part of the Elder Scrolls world, and the reason why not many players have the courage to go there is the dragon problem. However, the benefit would be the fights between the dragons and the players. A disadvantage would be that fur probably burns pretty hot. Circle 4th of June in your calendar as the expansion lands on that they along with several dragon-themed bits of smaller DLC.

A handful of new fully level-scaled zones will be added by Elsweyr to the already-sprawling MMO’s world as it is standard for Elder Scrolls Online expansions. Since One Tamriel received an overhaul updated, it felt more like a proper Elder Scrolls game and less like a slightly awkward update of Dark Age Of Camelot. You can play alone in most parts of this dessert, but for some dungeons, you will need some friends and higher-level gear.

The original story insists that Necromancy is bad magic used only by bad people who are jerks, but, amusingly, Elsweyr allows you to learn some of that. However, you might need to start over with a new character to do so. You will be able to summon big spiky skeletons that will help you fight your way to a successful battle which will turn you into the center of the bone zone. There are also three necromantic skill lines – Bone Tyrant ( bone spikes, walls, minions, etc.), Reaper ( summon and buff minion swarms), and Living Death which allows you to resurrect and heal. In case you were wondering, no, you do not need to give up the usual unlockable and faction skill-sets in order to have these. You will be able to mix them.

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