iPhone 11 Leak Suggests the Phone Might Get This Amazing Feature

Based on some recent rumors, Apple’s upcoming flagship smartphone, iPhone 11 might come with an incredible new camera feature that will definitely make it stand out amongst the competition. Let’s take a look at what we’ve found out.

Apple is working on an innovative iPhone feature

It appears that a patent application has been recently filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) by the tech giant. This happened on the 17th of January and it suggests that Apple is currently working on developing a new iPhone feature that would allow its camera app to immediately launch whenever users would hold up their phones to take either a photo or a video.

This patent was first spotted by AppleInsider and it describes a device that would be capable of “automatically activating a camera application implemented in a mobile device in a locked mode based on detecting that the user of the mobile device intends to capture a photograph.”

But how would this work?

The user’s intent to take a picture would be detected by signals from sensors that will be part of the smartphone. This probably refers mostly to the device’s accelerometer. What Apple wants to achieve is clearly quite ambitious and it will definitely not be that easy to do. If Apple’s idea went wrong, that would most probably infuriate a lot of users. Imagine a situation where the iPhone’s camera app would open each time a user would lift their phone in order to check something. This wouldn’t go well at all and could easily become a disaster.

The patent does say, however, that “we’re not sure what kind of position will determine your intent at taking a photo”, so it looks like Apple has a lot of work to do. The upcoming handset iPhone 11 is expected to arrive in September 2019.

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