Whatsapp Update 2.19.11 Brings Mic Feature: Typing As You Talk

The smart assistant feature is so popular today. You have Google Assistant, Siri, Pandora is getting one, so why not add this option in WhatsApp?

We love this new feature that was introduced with WhatsApp update 2.19.11 on Android and iOS users also got the Private Reply feature which lets you send private replies to a member from a group chat.

Typing What You Dictate

Everyone should have received the feature by now with the latest update. If you do not see it, then update your app and enter a chat. Pay attention that the feature is not added to the green mic icon which is for the voice messages. Tap on the keyboard, and you will see a black mic in the top right of the keyboard. If you tap it and start dictating, it will begin writing your sentence. To send the message you have to press the send button.

Here is how it looks:

The mic feature does have some limitations like punctuation marks – you must add them and correct the text so that it is error free. However, it is handy when you have a lot of things to say and little patience to write. You can use this feature when you are outside in the cold as you only need to press the mic and send instead of writing entire sentences.

Private Reply for iOS Users

As for iOS users, they also get the private reply feature which can now let users reply privately to members of a group chat. Until now, users only got the tagging feature which lets someone know they have been tagged, even if the notifications were muted. The private reply feature is handy for when you want to privately talk to someone from a group chat without the others knowing about it.

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