PlayStation 5 Latest Rumors: What We Know So Far?

Sony’s new tactic consists of gathering information directly from fans that they might use on the “Future of PlayStation” by sending out emails to them.

As many console manufacturers are trying to up the gaming industry, Sony wants to get informed first before starting to work on the next generation console that will take the brand to the next level.

The Twister Voxed site experienced this survey for the first time, so it provides us with information.

The people from that site experienced the survey first hand, so they expressed their opinions. According to them, the survey is done out of a little more than a dozen questions which are not hard to answer and which concern handheld gaming or consoles and how users experience it.

The user’s experience and how the console is utilized are the main subjects of the survey. Aside from that, there are also some questions about offline and online gaming, streaming, and owning mobile, consoles or other gaming devices.

If you have a good memory, it means that this is no news to you as PlayStation users have been previously asked about what they think of it when Sony was working on the next console. The one offered last year was similar, but the questions were based on what the core features would be more enjoyable for fans. was the one to address this for the first time and the report they offered suggested that Sony was looking at ways to innovate the existing PS4 hardware for the flagship console that will follow.

If you want to be part of what the next generation PlayStation from Sony will look like, then you should get your hands on that survey.

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